You can easily understand the landing pages as web pages that you can visit or land on while surfing the internet. They are developed with the intention of advertising and generating conversion and leads. These are stand-alone pages distinct from their main website. The landing page can help you with the following.

  • They can improve paid search campaigns.
  • Landing pages increase conversion.
  • They generate data insights.

As landing pages are a strong indicator of PPC campaigns and increase the conversion rate, you should make them great.

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

The landing pages provide a crucial first impression to the visitor of your website. This impression can make a visitor think about whether to connect further or not. Therefore it is essential to make the landing pages interesting and engaging.

You can keep the following points in your mind while making remarkable landing pages.

  • A clear-to-call-action (CTA)

The main objective of every landing page is to convince the user to take action. Actions include actions in any form whether, it is downloading a file, contacting the seller, or making a purchase. You should note that an easy, simple, and straightforward CTA will increase the possibility of conversion.

  • Separation of the content section

Each content section on the landing pages should have its own space. You can use white space, images, and backgrounds to provide visual separation on the landing pages to ensure that visitors will not get distracted during their stay.

  • Clear and concise text

Easy and legible content on your landing page can increase the chances of success of your business. It would be best to use readable fonts, and proper space between two lines while writing the content for your website and landing page. Content should be on point and effective while reading as it leaves a positive impact and looks better.

  • Use of visual information

The use of images, along with text, can put forward your message more effectively. You can use captioned photos, charts, diagrams, or infographics to convey your message more efficiently.

  • Appealing colors schemes

You should use user-friendly colors while making any landing page or website. Using color coding navigation and a high contrast ratio is an easy way to boost UX.

What is the purpose of landing pages?

A landing page will help you drive traffic, build your brand, and improve your SEO. It can form part of an effective pay-per-click strategy. Almost 68% of B2B business houses use landing pages to generate leads for future conversion. You should not direct these clicks toward the homepage. The landing page should lead the buyer to a specific product, service, or offer and convince them to take action. These pages can turn out to be an excellent opportunity to create conversion and build a consumer base.

What should your landing page do?

The landing pages provide the following advantages:

  • A landing page can help to increase conversion.

Landing pages can help you to boost your conversion rate and better experience for the user.

  • They can provide additional insight into the targeted audience.

Creating a landing page with a pipeline of the offer may help you track the topics or offers converted at the highest rate.

  • They can help you to grow your email subscriber list.

In exchange for the information you offer on your landing page, you ask the visitor for their names and email IDs. This exchange of information may help you to grow your email subscriber list more quickly.

  • They are testable pages.

The landing pages provide a fantastic opportunity to make the page more creative and test out different UX and graphic designs that suit your visual and text and look more eye-catchy to the page’s visitor.

  • Landing pages can allow you to calculate metrics directly linked to the business goal.

If you have created a landing page, specifically for the marketing of your products or services, you can use that page to calculate the metrics linked with the business’s objective.

  • They add context to the offer given by the business houses.
  • Landing pages can help you to make a good impression and brand value of a product.

A well-designed landing page may help you to attract new visitors and turn them into profitable leads.

What are your commitments?

While building a landing page, you should make some commitments to the visitor of your landing pages and website. It will help them to develop their trust, which will ultimately be fruitful for you. It would help if you kept the fact in your mind that visitor action is nothing but a reflection of your commitment. You should keep the following points in your mind while committing your visitor.

  • Visitors want to know your value proposition before taking any action. You can educate them about yourself on the landing page itself. But you are required to do so very effectively and efficiently as the time limit you have is too little. Try to make your landing page such that will make the visitors feel like they are in the right place. You should make your landing page as well as your website more legible and attractive. While making any landing page, you should be aware that you have significantly less time to make the visitor familiar with your product and services. They may not read your full-fleshed content; therefore, you should try to concise your text and make it sweet and simple.
  • Building trust in any relationship is a lifelong process. In business, it definitely can not happen on the landing pages. It would be best if you make your visitor trust you to engage with you in the future. You can make them trust you by providing them with many proofs such as social proofs, customer reviews, your establishment address, phone numbers, etc.
  • You should take proper feedback and work on your lacking.

What is your budget?

The budget for making any landing pages is entirely dependent on the following fact:

  • Your landing page creator

When you have decided to make a landing page, you should be clear about whom you want to make it. You have several options to choose from, such as In house creator, freelancer, and PPC landing page company.

  • Depth of the landing pages

The type of landing pages you want to create will impact the cost of that. You have to decide on your own how many features and how much information you want on your landing pages.

  • Customization of your landing pages

When you decide to make a landing page, you can choose to use customized designs or templates.

Most companies don’t run just one PPC campaign, and if you run multiple PPC campaigns, then the landing page will cost you more.

  • Competitors

If you want to make your landing pages stand out from your competitors, you may require to pay some extra bucks to the professionals.

Examples of landing pages

The following are some examples of landing pages.

  1. Lyft
  2. The Professional Wingman
  3. Muck Rack
  4. Cigital
  5. Khan Academy
  6. Club W
  7. Codecademy
  8. Poached
  9. Breather
  10. Start-Up Institute