While you suffer from the traffic on the road, you enjoy it carelessly on your different digital platforms. One of those digital platforms is your blog. It might sound a bit fancy, but increasing blog traffic is not rocket science. There’s no need to get bothered while we are here. However, this article will not take over all strategies to increase your blog traffic, but with some of the best that hit the audience’s heart at once and in one shot.

How To Increase Blog Traffic?

There are mainly two ways to get traffic on your blog: Organic and Paid.

Organic Blog Traffic

Organic traffic is the primary form of traffic for your website or blog. When visitors land on your blog from unpaid sources like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex, it is termed Organic Traffic.

  • The most significant and complementary source of getting Organic Traffic is Search Traffic. When users type any keywords on the search engine to resolve their query and get landed on your blog, it is known as Search Traffic.
  • However, Referral Traffic is also one of the parts of Organic Traffic. It comes into the limelight when someone clicks on the link of your blog from other websites and gets landed on your blog. 
  • Another way to get Organic Traffic is Direct Traffic when someone types the URL of your blog directly on their browser or clicks the blog link on their email. 

Paid Blog Traffic

Paid traffic is the alternative way of getting blog traffic. When you opt for paid methods to increase your website’s blog traffic via promotion or advertisement, it comes into existence. 

  • Paid Traffic includes Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, Banner Ads, and many more.

These are the two most important ways to grab the attention of your targeted audience and shoot your virtual life.

How To Rank Your Blog On Google?

That is the ultimate pleasure for which all bloggers wish! Nothing beats the happiness of getting ranked your blog as number one in the relevant content table of Google. 

However, everybody as a blogger doesn’t get the opportunity to celebrate this moment. But we are here to make you sure with this handy bulletin to rock your blog not only on Google but also in the hearts of your audience.

1. Find Niche Topics

Go for extensive research before opting for a particular niche to write about. You can also prefer the articles as per your specialization. When you have selected the domain for your blog, you need to consider its title with keyword research and prefer to go for the title with the most volume. Try to use at least a keyword in your title.

2. Keyword Research

Get a set of relevant keywords, and be all set to make a successful attempt to use them throughout the article appropriately. But these words should not sound out of context. 
Get hands-on using the long trails keyword because there is less competition for them on Google. These get ranked up quickly. You can use the keyword research tool for keyword analysis.

3. Create Buyer Personas

The Buyer Persona concept would help you increase your blog traffic by knowing the variety of content in demand. Once you know your audience’s preferences, you are all set to put your blog on fire.

This technique makes your content resonate with the interest of your targeted audience. Further working on that and implementing it tends to increase your blog traffic.

4. Publish Long Content

As per the research in this domain, on average, your one blog post should not contain words less than 1200. It is all because your long content tends to have more keywords. It also plays a vital role in making your content SEO friendly, which helps to get it ranked on the spot and attain high blog traffic. 

Lengthy blogs also serve other criteria for Google ranking. Plus, you can apply a higher number of backlinks based on the content.

5. Increase Page Loading Speed 

More than half of blog visitors leave the site in case it takes more than three seconds to load your website. So to increase your blog traffic, page loading speed is an essential factor. All in all, you need to level up your web page loading speed as high as possible. You can analyze your page speed at Google’s PageSpeed Insights. 

6. Optimize Images

Google keeps an eye on images and compares them with alternative text. That is why it is pretty essential to add relevant text to the pictures. 

Level Up Dwell Time

You can define the Dwell Time as when you clicked the search page and returned to search engine result pages (SERP). 

This timing should be as much as you can as Google considers it an essential factor to grade up your website rank. You can view the following points under this heading.

Focus On First Line To Increase Blog Traffic

The introduction is the most crucial part of your blog. It should be at the topmost priority in terms of the quality of content. It should compel the reader to go through the blog and increase your Dwell Time. That would turn in increased blog traffic.

Enough Headings To Increase Blog Traffic

The content with relevant headings enables better user engagement. It’s easy to understand such blogs and improve users’ thought processes.

Nrich Multimedia Experience To Increase Blog Traffic

You should provide different forms of content in your blog. It should be a combined package of infographics, video files, charts, games, audio, quizzes, and diagrams. 

All in all, the increase in your dwell time would result in increased blog traffic, and hence, it makes you worthy of recognition as a blogger.
As an example, you can visit the blog section at 7searchppc.com. That would help you have a practical understanding of How a blog should look in all terms.

Reduce Bounce Rate

The bounce rate describes at which frequency the visitors leave your blog only after visiting its first page: the lower the bounce rate, the more chances to get a higher rank of your blog on Google. 

The lower bounce rate suggests that the reader is getting interested in your content, which is why your blog expects a higher rank.

  • You should regularly check your bounce rate in Google Analytics Report and work on that.
  • The flat bounce rate for blogs is expected to be 65 to 90%.
  • As the researchers suggest, you should drop a pop-up of some downloadable content while the visitor is about to leave the web page of your blog. It would decrease your Bounce Rate.

These are not-to-miss pointers as these all sum up well for your blog traffic.

 Optimize URL

A short and keyword-rich URL can provide you with a good advantage in terms of SEO. On the other hand, it is also easy to read by Google. 

It also increases your page loading speed. So there are multiple needs to adopt this technique before getting started as all you need is extensive blog traffic.

Utilize Skyscraper Technique

If you have published high-quality content, the job is not complete yet. Your job is to reach out to the relevant people to promote your blog and earn more and more backlinks. That would help you to increase blog traffic.

Share Your Blog on Social Media

You should share the link to your blog on different and parallel social media platforms. It would assist you in summing up your targeted audience and being a well-known face in the world as a blogger.

Optimize Voice Search

As per the records of Google, about 20% of Google searches are performed as voice searches. So, you need to optimize voice search and create your content as per voice search, including How and How Many. That would certainly increase your blog traffic.

Refresh your Content

Google likes to deal with updated and up-to-date content. It also plays a vital role in terms of SEO. So keep updating your blogs frequently to remain your blog trending on Google and never forget to notify your readership that you are committed to providing them with high-quality content. That all results in blog traffic.


So finally, we are good to go with the announcement that you are all set to launch your blog with all the tips and tricks mentioned above. 

However, don’t forget to share this article with your near and dear ones if they are to bounce back by learning new and infrequent techniques in order to be their well-known name in the virtual world of bloggers.


Q.1 How to increase blog traffic fast?

There is a multitude of techniques to increase blog traffic. But, you need to consider the following the most to increase the blog traffic fast, and even you can get 1000 blog visitors a day in 2022
1. Create blogs on evergreen topics.
2. Optimize the search engine frequently.
3. Target long-tail keywords as there is less competition for them and quickly get ranked up.
4. Go for catchy titles.
5. Include one keyword in your title.
6. Write a good meta description that might grab the reader’s attention.
7. Add several keywords to your blog.
However, the above list is not complete but gives you a basic idea about the points that you need to mind while penning your blog.

Q.2 How to promote your blog?

You can adopt the following techniques to promote your blog.
1. Repurpose your content.
2. Try to build links to your site.
3. Share your blog on social media.
4. Spare some time for Quora and answer the questions on it that are relevant to your domain.
5. Take advantage of the popularity of influencers.
6. Make guest posts on popular blogs.

Q.3 How to get your blog noticed by Google?

There are multiple orders to be adopted in order to get your blog noticed by Google. These include-
1. Target keywords for your website pages.
2. Structure all your web pages for Google Search.
3. Create quality content.
4. Get set with influencers.
5. Optimize the images of your content on the blog.
6. Have an ultimate focus on discovering the killing titles for your blog.

Q.4 What percentage of bloggers are successful?

As per the available data, only 30% of overall bloggers become successful on average. On the other hand, 38% of the bloggers score well above the benchmark.

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