Google, which is the most famous and frequently used Search Engine, provides a broad platform for inbound marketers. Although, if you are unable to make your website visible on the first page of the relevant keyword searches.

You Can Use the Best Free Online SEO Tools to increase your website ranking.

According to SearchEngineWatch, the top websites fetch 36.4% of the total traffic, which is overlooked by lower-ranked websites. Google shows ten results on the first page when the relevant keyword gets searched.

The results depend upon numerous criteria, which include site speed, backlinks, bounce rate, and a host related to other factors.

If you can get the topmost position on the first page of Google results, it may act as a booster for your business. Keep this in mind. The target isn’t just to occupy the top position but also to maintain it.

Bing, one of the popular search engines, reports that websites in the top spot get 42% of the traffic, the second gets 11%, and the third only gets 8%. This report is a straight and simple answer to why your website must be at the top.

Best Free Online SEO Tools

It has never been easier to meet SEO criteria unless you use the Best Free Online SEO Tools for your content. 

However, using the Best Online SEO Tools is also not an easy task unless and until you have complete information about them.

That is why we are here to hand you some Best Free and Paid Online SEO Tools. These tools ease your way to rank your website on the search engine.


Semrush is an Online SEO Tool. It is a combined package of improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. 

This one of the Best SEO Tools mainly functions in Keyword Research, Competitive Research, SEO, and Content marketing. 

Its functional domain also covers PPC, Marketing Insights, SMM, PR, and Campaign Management. 

All in all, you are well on the way to using Semrush for the services mentioned above to optimize your website for search engines.

Semrush Features

  • It conducts a deep link analysis.
  • You can get the right keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns by Semrush.
  • It analyzes competitor ad budgets and strategies.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush is there to offer you a free plan for a limited period. However, its paid plan starts from $83.28 monthly when billed annually.


If you want your content on the top of the game in the matter of keywords, keyword it is there to offer you the best help. 

It’s pretty easy to use keyword dit because of its user-friendly interface. 

You just need to put the subreddit in the search box that you want to search.

You have a list of popular keywords ranked by the monthly search volume. Include those keywords in your content to make it exclusive for readers.

See how helpful this Free Online SEO Tool is!

Keyworddit Features

  • It has an auto-generated subreddit list. Suggestions are shown as soon as you enter a few words in the search box.
  • After generating your keyword list, you also have the contexts to visit.

Keyworddit Pricing

Keyworddit is free to use. However, it offers digital marketing services on a paid basis.


SEOMinion is an all-in-one SEO extension that serves Chrome and Firefox. This Online SEO Tool analyzes on-page SEO in a quick time. 

The thing that makes this free online SEO tool incomparable is the facility to download the SEO report. 

Summing up, this is one of the best free online SEO tools to check the on-page SEO of your content.

SEOMinion Features

  • Analyze On-Page SEO
  • Check Broken Links
  • Simulate Multi-Location SERP
  • Check Redirects
  • SERP Preview Tool
  • Herflang Checker

SEOMinion Pricing


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best freemium Online SEO Tools. That means you can use its moderate services for free. 

But to have access to advanced features, you need to have a paid version. 

Google Analytics is a web analytics service. This freemium SEO Tool hands you the statics and essential analytical tools for search engine optimization.

Google Analytics Features

  • It provides you with advanced filters that make you consider what’s important.
  • It gives you an audience report so that you can know your users.
  • This tool lets you know about the campaigns responsible for the traffic.

Google Analytics Pricing



To find the content that performs the best, you can use the BuzzSumo Online SEO Tool. We frequently use it for content marketing and SEO campaigns. 

Simply, you need to enter a keyword or domain, and you have the required data on your screen.

BuzzSumo Features

  • You can explore your content on this tool for high performance.
  • It analyzes the data to sharpen your marketing strategy. 
  • You can track comments to approach them quickly and convert them into leads.

BuzzSumo Pricing

It offers ten free searches per month. However, it charges $79 monthly after 20% off.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a Free Online SEO Tool. It helps you, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your site in Google search results. 

That is one of the Best Online SEO tools as it lets you know about the queries that have brought the audience to your site.

Google Search Console Features

  • The index coverage report of this online SEO tool lets you understand how Google crawls your site.
  • It lets you know about the issues that do not allow your website to get indexed.

Google Search Console Pricing



Ahrefs is one of the Best Paid Online SEO Tools. This tool claims that you need not be an SEO expert to rank your site higher on the search engine or get more traffic.

Ahrefs Features

  • Optimize your Website
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Study what your customers are searching for.
  • Learn From your industry’s top-performing content
  • Track your Ranking Progress

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs charges $82 monthly when billed annually.


Ubersuggest is a free online keyword research tool. This Online SEO Tool helps to modulate and expand your content marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a blog or trying to emulate your competitor’s success. Uber Suggest is always there to help you out.

Ubersuggest Features

  • Backlink Data
  • Rank Tracking
  • Content Ideas
  • Site Audit Reports

Ubersuggest Pricing

Its plan starts from $12 per month.


SpyFu is mainly a keyword researcher and competitive intelligence tool. Marketers frequently use this online SEO tool to upgrade their performance in an online search. 

According to the guidelines available on its portal, SpyFu is free to use for everyone.

SpyFu Features

  • SEO Research
  • Backlink Research
  • PPC Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Ranking Research
  • Competitive Analysis

SpyFu Pricing

It charges $33 for a month when you will take the annual plan.


Secockpit claims to be the most advanced keyword finder tool in the market. Its process is quite simple to find keywords related to the seed keywords.

But actually, it makes a difference. This Online SEO Tool can easily split out the keywords with less competition.

Secockpit Features

  • Find the most valuable keywords
  • Calculate Traffic and Conversions

Secockpit Pricing

Its plan starts from $25 per month.


SeedKeywords is an online SEO tool for keyword research exercises. 

This one of the best Online SEO Tools has the potential to suggest you some quality keywords to make your content exclusive.

So, your content is good to go with this SEO Tool.

Seedkeywords Features

  • You find keywords with a good amount of search volume.
  • You find keywords that are relevant to your site.

 Seedkeyword Pricing

It charges $99 monthly when you take its standard annual plan.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tools

It’s a free Keyword Tool and claims to be the most updated in this domain. On a regular interval, it updates itself to make its user feel exclusive. 

This SEO Tool never fails to impress its users due to its user-friendly interface.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool Features

  • Find New Keywords
  • Research & Prioritise
  • Improve your Google Ads Account

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool Pricing



There are multiple features that you can entertain with a paid version of WebCEO. 

It helps you with keyword research, domain analysis, backlink tracking, SEO audits, rank tracking, and internal link analysis. It also offers you paid search management, social media management, competitor analysis, and many more. 

So, you are well on the way to optimizing your website with WebCEO.

Web CEO Features

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Rank Tracker
  • Backlink Checker
  • Partner Links Checker
  • A Site Auditor
  • Quick Domain Analyzer
  • Visitor Tracking

Web CEO Pricing

A solo plan for WebCEO starts at $35 monthly.


QuestionDB is an Online SEO Tool that lets you figure out what content the audience is looking for. You know how immensely it helps you while writing your content. 

Even it provides you with the source links against each question. By clicking on the link, you can visit the content and get an idea of shaping your content.

QuestionDB Features

Claims to help you with untapped Content ideas

QuestionDB Pricing

It has both free and paid versions available. The free version provides you with a maximum of 50 results per search. But for its Pro version, you need to pay $10 monthly.


Whitespark marks itself as an Online SEO Tool that serves you with hundreds of citations on a single search. 

You can adapt the process for reverse engineering and apply those tips and tricks to your content.

Whitespark Features

  • Geo-Location Tracking
  • Youtube and Social Rankings
  • Competitor Monitoring and many more

Whitespark Pricing

Whitespark plans start from $20 per month


So, this blog not only hands you the best free online SEO tools but also helps to let you know about the paid tools that deserve a try. 

Now, it’s your turn to choose the best of the given here that fulfills your requirements. However, for practical experience with the Best SEO blogs, you can surely visit the blog section at 7Search PPC.


Q.1 Which is the best free SEO Tool?

There are multiple Best Free SEO Tools available online. However, we have mentioned below a few of them.
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Yoast SEO Plugin

Q.2 Is Ubersuggest still free?

Ubersuggest is entirely free for having content ideas. Everything it demands to be done on your part is to enter a few words related to your content in the search box. Hence, you will have multiple content ideas.

Q.3 Which is better, Ahref or Ubersuggest?

Both Online Seo Tools are best for their particular domains. Ubersuggest is better for longtail keywords and content ideas. On the other hand, Ahref is well at the top level and primary keywords.

 Q.4 What are the Best Free Online SEO Tools for keyword research?

Answer the Public, Keyworddit, QuestionDB, and Ubersuggest are some of the Best Free Online Seo Tools for keyword research. However, you can visit the entire blog to have a detailed description.