Short Latency Ads Enhance Your Website’s Performance

Short Latency Ads Enhance Your Website's Performance 1


We at 7SearchPPC are proud of the low latency performance of our advertising feeds. But what does it mean? Let simplify this for you. In simple words, when a surfer comes to your website, we present your ad to the user for less than 80 milliseconds. This delay between processing the input and providing the real-time output is a hindrance unnoticeable by humans.


To be more precise, when a user comes to your site, it pokes a 7SearchPPC server for showing a relevant and suitable ad to convert. We display the advertisement for almost the same amount of time needed for an eye blink. It means that a lot of information goes back and forth rapidly. It is quite an achievement.


How is it advantageous for you?


Tremendous performance of your website and rapid delivery of your profit-making ads is ensured by having latency under 80 milliseconds. It means 7SearchPPC ads are not an obstacle in your website’s loading time. Speedy loading of our ads means that the overall loading time of your site is fast, which decreases the bounce rate and endorses the visitor to spare some extra minutes on your website. The most unacceptable thing for you is a site dominates your user’s bandwidth and adversely affects the performance of your computer and your browser. If this happens, your ad is not served to the user, and you lose out on possible future revenue, but what is worse is that your visitor is not likely to come back as it lags down the performance of their computer and browser.


The 7SearchPPC platform is efficient enough to serve your visitors and provide a window of opportunity to convert by showing the ads when required.


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