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7searchppc.com is one of the hottest Pay per Click Service that is designed specifically to draw substantial traffic to the Advertiser's website. Using our unique bidding and analytics features, an Advertiser can increase their online sales significantly. We provide a wide network of traffic sources with advanced analytics and bidding as well as tracking tools to simplify the use of our website.


Hottest Pay-per-click Service

7searchppc.com is a modern Ad network provider that doesn’t operates on any of the conventional methods but rather targets already qualified visitors and offers advanced analytics to track your progress reports.



Return on Investment is an important aspect to analyze whether you are getting your money's worth from your marketing campaigns or not.


You get the facility to set campaign goals based on clicks, impressions, site engagement or an actual conversion rate of clicks to sales.


Under this privilege you get to choose what kind of mobile, computer or tablet devices and operating systems you want to target.


This practice refers to the facility of providing specialized content to different audiences depending on their geographical location.


If your Ad campaign is not suitable for certain browsers, you can avail the browser targeting to include or exclude any of the browsers that receive your campaign.


You can always get a real time tracking of clicks, impressions and sales conversions through our smooth working statistics.


Become a profit earning publisher with us

If you are an organization with sufficient amount of online resources, you can join us as a publisher to utilize these resources for earning money with complete reliability and fair revenue shares. You can join our affiliate program by filling out our affiliate form at any time but you will only be approved after we do a careful analysis of your website as our main target of operations is to provide our Advertisers with high quality traffic so that there is a higher conversion rate.

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