Surpassing Your Website’s Terrible Bounce Rate

Surpassing Your Website's Terrible Bounce Rate 1Image Source


Running a successful website is a challenging task. The first challenge is getting people to your site. In most cases, keeping users on the website is neglected, and driving traffic is prioritized. This results in a high bounce rate. According to Wikipedia, the bounce rate “represents the proportion of visits that end on the first page of the website the visitor sees.”


Let’s take a closer look at the bounce rate issues:


  1. How are you directing traffic to your website? Were the users looking for something different when they clicked your website link? What was the message your link conveyed? Was the message irrelevant or deceptive? Whether you are paying for the traffic with an ad, or it is free of cost, you need to carefully look at your message and make it relevant so that it precisely matches the expectations of your visitors.


  1. You provide the visitors with an off-message or sub-par landing page. This often happens on e-commerce sites. A site shows an ad promoting a captivating deal on a hairdryer, the visitor clicks through and gets directed to the home page of the website. The visitor doesn’t see the hairdryer and bounces. Hence, be sure that the ad or source of traffic exactly matches the landing page. Also, make the landing page complete with a clear call to action like “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.” The visitor generally leaves if that’s not in place.


  1. The prevalent problem is that your visitors sometimes get the information they need without going deeper into your site. It happens in the cases when you have a simple website with only a couple of pages, or the visitor was looking for your address, or maybe the visitor saw your prices and left. To check what is the case, see the visit duration. If it is above 20 seconds, it means that your visitor had the time to read the content and then move along.


You can find all of these details in your Google Analytics account if you have a GA set up, which you should have as it is free! When you prioritize to reduce your bounce rate, see the benefits of your site engagement and regular site visitors. If you are a 7SearchPPC publisher, a combination of reduced bounce rate and 7SearchPPC’s low latency ads signifies that you are on your way to a profitable and successful website. Good Luck, guys! Do let us know any additional tips to improve the bounce rate in the comments section below.

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