Hot 7SearchPPC Verticals for Q4, 2016

Hot 7SearchPPC Verticals for Q4, 2016 1


The crucial fourth quarter is well underway, and all the marketers are preparing themselves to close the last quarter of the year by taking their sales to new heights. 7SearchPPC is the difference-maker that you are longing for. To make a difference for your ad campaigns and in the beautiful spirit of the season, we are making offerings to our 7SearchPPC readers with hottest verticals of the fourth quarter. 


Top Category-Searches 

These are the most popular websites over the last three months, based on statistical data collected from multiple sources. 


1.) Computer: General 

2.) Health: General

3.) Home Business and make money: General 

4.) Entertainment: General 

5.) Adult(XXX) : Dating

6.) Shopping: General 

7.) Internet: Marketing and Advertising 


Top Category-Conversions 


The top converting categories over the last three months 


1) Home Business and Make money: General 

2.) Shopping: General

3.) Computer: Software 

4.) Adult(XXX): Dating 

5.) Health: Diet Nutrition 

6.) Internet: Marketing and Advertising 

7.) Travel: Air Travel 


Most Affordable Categories – Average CPC


Categories with the most affordable average cost per click 


1.) Travel: Hotel and Lodging 

2.) Computer: Hardware 

3.) Shopping: Auctions 

4.) B2B: Construction and Manufacturing 

5.) Entertainment: Books

6.) People and Relationships: General

7.) Electronics: Home Appliances 


Best Category – Average Conversion Cost


1.) Computer: Software

2.) B2B: General

3.) Automotive: General

4.) Internet: MArketing and Advertising

5.) Health: Diet Nutrition 

6.) Gambling: General 

7.) Travel: Air Travel 


Best Conversion percentage category


1.) Automotive: General

2.) Finance: Debt

3.) B2B: General 

4.) Society: General

5.) Health: Diet Nutrition

6.) Gambling: General

7.) Travel: Air Travel 


Best category- Opportunity 


This category features the best conversion rates with the lowest competition.


1.) Automotive: Buying and Selling Cars 

2.) Finance: Debt

3.) Entertainment: Humour

4.) Internet: ISP

5.) Travel: Cruises

6.) Electronics: Cable Service

7.) Telecommunication: VoIP


We suggest you not get in the high costs of conversion or struggling to find new sources of income to close your sales. Choose quality keywords for your marketing mix. 


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