Significance of Online Marketing

significance of online marketing

What is online marketing/advertising? Online advertising is also known as online marketing or Internet advertising or web advertising. It is a form of marketing and promoting the brands that use the internet as a medium. Internet act as a medium to maintain website traffic and trigger the right customers. It mainly aims towards marketing through … Read more Significance of Online Marketing

Prominence Of Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are also referred to as static pages, lead capture pages, or destination pages in online marketing. It is a web page that opens up to the response of search engine research. These pages are created for marketing purposes or advertising campaigns. Some examples of the landing page are Shopify, Airbnb, TransferWise, etc. A … Read more Prominence Of Landing Pages

Attach Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages to Your Campaign

Image Source Users often get annoyed when they click on a link and land on a page that is not optimized for their device. 7SearchPPC now addresses this issue by providing a new mobile landing page field for your campaigns. We are working with many top mobile traffic providers.   What’s the difference?   While … Read more Attach Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages to Your Campaign

Do Ad Impressions Matter in PPC?

Ad impressions

It is simple to overlook a Key performance indicator (KPI) such as impressions, on a network like 7Search PPC. This is the main reason why our PPC network is based on a Cost per link model, also known as CPC. Advertisers agree to pay for every click of viewers. They spent the real amount based … Read more Do Ad Impressions Matter in PPC?